Leopard Vest and Halter Top

This combo is two pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. As a result of the article in Wag Magazine, I was contacted by a woman who liked my flipping fur objective. The leopard coat was donated as a result. It had been made by her grandmother who was a tailor and worn by both she and her mother. Her story linked to mine.

My grandmother was also a Tailor. When I was a little girl she made me a leopard coat and matching muff. It was soon after that, fortunately, the awareness of this animal being endangered created a ban on using this fur. I treasure this donated fur coat as something with a specific sentimental value. I honor it as a rare item with designs that are highly collectible. The pieces represent the absolute moratorium on using animals solely for their fur. A stand that elevates the alternative which would be the travesty of discarding it.

They are all still in the Flipping Fur collection.

  • MaterialVintage fur, vintage Persian weaving; skirts: silk, organza & linen; Dress: vintage lace & mink
  • Year2018
  • PhotographyDonna DeMari & Christine Ashburn